Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Review: Wedding last weekend

Last weekend we went to a wedding. I meant to post about it last week, but just got busy.  The wedding took place at a ski area/golf course.  Andrew and I met at a wedding at this SAME location 7 years ago (EXACTLY).  We  had not attended a wedding at this location since the one 7 years ago.  I wrote about how we met IN THIS POST.  Last wekeend, I wore my bridesmaid dress from my friend Carolyn's wedding that took place last October in Chicago. I was pregnant then...and the dress fits me now. The only dress that fits me now. We broke the zipper a couple weeks ago, but I got it fixed in time :)

I was asked to be a BM in the wedding we attended last weekend, but I ended up declining for several reasons.  BUT the Bride is a VERY good friend and very dear to my heart.  The bridal party wore different color dresses. It looked great and while I watched them walk down the aisle, I kind of wished I was wearing an awesome bright colored dress :)

The bride, Anna, and her dad. There was a lot of tie dye going on at the wedding and even her dad wore tie dye :) Anna gave one of her kidneys to her dad a few years ago.  How special is that?

My mom was actually the Justice of the Peace up there :) My mom wore a colorful dress too to fit in!

The groom is also a friend of mine. I was on ski team with him in middle school and high school.

Their dog was included too! :)  She sat up at the alter with them and was such a good girl.

The men wore coordinating ties with the girls' dresses.

My mom and dad. I have no idea what my dad was doing.

My mom and good friend T.  T's wife is pregnant and we talked baby stuff :) Another friend and her husband were at our table too. Their daughter is 3 weeks older than Anika.  T and his wife, Jen,  live down in MA, but his parents live right near the wedding location.  T's parents watched Anika until 8 PM  and then I got her and passed her off to my parents to bring home with them.  Andrew and I slept over at T's parents house so we could go out to the after party after the reception :)  Jen was our DD :)  I was pregnant and the DD at T and Jen's wedding, so it all comes around. haha.  Also, funny story. At the wedding 7 years ago when I met Andrew- T was at his parents house visiting. I called him and told him he needed to come pick me up from the wedding I was at because I was drunk and that the best man was super hot and I was going to make an ass of myself. The best man was Andrew :)  T came to get me, but then he was invited to stay  too! So, between T hitting on the women there (one was Andrew's sister, I think!),  we danced our asses off and Andrew thought T was my boyfriend!!!   T and I have always been good friends and he also lived down in Boston. We lived together for a while after I got back from NZ studying abroad,  and before Andrew moved over here! Actually, I was planning on living with him until Andrew moved to America, BUT T's other roommate (guy) didn't want to live with me. We had a SMALL history from years prior when I went to visit T at his college. A history I had put behind me, but apparently he didnt!  He figured if he was going to live with a girl, he should live with his girlfriend. So, that roomie moved in with his gf and T moved in with his (his now wife) and I got a place with some awesome girlfriends. It all worked out well.  

You may recall, at Anna's "bridal shower" we tie dyed sheets to be table runners at the wedding. I didn't get a good picture of the tables...but you can kind of see here and below. She also used some of the tie dye sheets to wrap up some locally made soaps (the favors).

The MOH is a friend of mine, but she didn’t even really do a toast!!  She said like 2 words and I was VERY disappointed. She has the ability to talk, is not shy and can be really funny. She said she would have gotten too emotional if she gave a toast, but I thought it was pretty shitty.  The Best man was shy so he did a slide show of pics.  The toasts are usually my favorite part of wedding receptions...but didn't really happen at this wedding.  They didn't even do a champagne toast and we all had champagne still on the table, so one of the groom's friends at my table got up and did the toast...Thank God so we could drink our champagne! haha.
Oh, by the way- the Photographer that did Anika's newborn photos was the photographer at this wedding.  Remember that drama? Ya- well, she completely ignored me- like would not even smile at me or be friendly as a professional!!  Even when we ran into each other, I gave a smile - and she looked away. Also when ANika got there for me to give to my parents, the bride and photographer were walking down the stairs. Anika smiled big at them and the bride obvi stopped to say hi and the photag just squeezed by to get away. The bride even said she felt the tension, which is just ridiculous and I felt bad for her. Owell. I feel bad that the lady is THAT hurt, but I was surprised she reacted that way.

Annoying photo bomber.
 Kate and Me.  Kate was also at the wedding 7 years ago (My sil and bil's). The wedding she thought I gave her mean looks at, but I had no idea who she was back then :)  Also, In my post last week, I called Kate's husband Jason. At the wedding, "jason" told me he didn't like that name and he doesnt think he looks like a Jason. I changed his name in my post because his real name is original and I dont know any other people with his name. I like to change the names of people on here who are not close friends.  Then, I got mad that Kate let "Jason" read my blog! Whatevs.

Good friend who lives in Oregon now. He moved to Oregon the summer after my freshmen year of college.  I took 10 days off from my job and travelled out there with him. ROAD TRIP! Another friend moved out there with him, so it was 3 of us. We camped the whole way. I got to see the Badlands, The Corn Palace, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Vegas, a few Dennys...and so many other cool things. I flew out of San Francisco after we stayed a night with my college friend who lived there.

I didnt really get to drink until after 8 (after Anika went with my parents).  I play catch up pretty fast :)  I didnt get too bad though, so thats good!  At Anna's bach party (The post is HERE) I got WAY out of I'm glad I kept my shit together this time :)

If you cant tell by every one's SHINY Faces- IT WAS SUPER HOT IN THE THERE!! There is no AC, and at one point I had sweat dripping down my back AND my face. Everyone was making fun of me when it was dripping down my face. My makeup was running. So gross. T said he was sweating too but UM- WAS His body busy making milk? No. Mine I had a bit more excuse, right? :)

There were some people oddly dressed.  OR, a person who took his shirt off ALL TOGETHER!!! Yes- this is for real!

By the way, the wedding took place at the same place as my 10 year reunion.  After the wedding reception we went to a guest house the bride and groom rented.

Where the bride did a keg stand before getting out of her wedding dress! Andrew was holding the tap for her and he had NO idea how. He didn't even know what a keg stand was!! Must be an American thing?

This is the 3 of us who did the trip out west 10 years ago.  Every time we are together (which is rarely) I make them do a photo. We have all gone in different directions, but it was such an amazing trip for me that I will never forget.  We had so many laughs and got to experience so much.

And J (the friend who lives in Oregon now) even did FIREWORKS at the after party!

By the way,
Last week, I was down another 1.5 pounds at WW. Total of 14.8 pounds down since joining WW and 43.3 pounds since having Anika.  I took Friday off to spend with Anika and my friend and her baby who came to visit. I think I may have gained a few pounds this weekend. WHOOPS.  We were supposed to go apple picking in MA with a friend and her family this weekend, but yesterday rained...then today rained :(    I worked on some crafts though that I will post later in the week.  We went to dinner Friday night and then to someone's house for dinner Sat. night. And, I ate some of Andrew's junk food that he is supposed to keep in his car. No self control this weekend.


  1. You look gorgeous in these pics!! :-)

  2. I always love reading your posts bc youre so honest and hilarious! And LOVOOOVEEE your friend's wedding dress and the black one you are sporting. So cute!

  3. I just learned alot about you! Thanks for sharing!! Congrats on your weight loss, great job girl!! You look very pretty in those pics!! Cant waot to hear Bout your crafts!!

  4. You look so beautiful in your dress! And I'm so glad you didn't get totally out of control! Haha. I bet Andrew was praying the entire time that you would behave.

  5. Omg I just finally checked my blog and thank you for the comment! I need to get better about checking the blog, I thought you went private! Glad to have found your blog again! Have a great weekend